A database of edible plants that grow in Aotearoa/nz.Please share thoughts and ideas.
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  • Trying to find tumeric plants, cardamom plants 2/3yrs old (and not the false one) and  Mixed spice plant - Help anyone out there ???

  • Happy to help -welcome to the choko fan club, Jane!

  • OMG. Ijust looked at my very shooting choko and at the base of the stem their are roots. I never never noticed that. I want to grow more now. Thank you Thank you.

  • Jane, are you putting the sprout end down? The roots come out from the same area as the sprouts and will die quite quickly unless they are in the dark or the shade -preferably in soil. The sprout is happy to be under the soil -it will travel up the long side of the choko and grow up through the soil towards the light. They don't like the sun, or being in water. They are designed to fall to the ground with the heavy end lower than the pointy end and the roots then find the nearest soil. They will also start growing roots if kept in a dark, cool box just the way potatoes do. Then you plant them in soil. The secret is keeping them in the shade.

  • My choko is in a glass of water on my windowsill and has a long sprout with leaves. No roots I get these each year but when I plant it in a pot or plant it out they die. Would like advice please. Thanks
  • Sorry Kali.. blonde me thought you were  Hawkesbay for some weird reason.. baby brain???! Lol! 

  • That's very encouraging. I've never cut mine back and maybe would have had even larger crops if I had. I will start potting up sprouting chokos now to take plenty with me when I move. 

  • I cut mine back at end of fruiting before the worst frosts start, we can have brutal frosts, especially when the snow season starts on the central plateau. My mum is in Hamilton and hers grow back every spring and give her a really good crop. Hopefully mine grows back this spring too. :-)

  • interestigly it says in that article that  declining daylength gets the fruiting going, so i dont think our summers down here in greymouth would be either hot enough or long enough for choko, as is the case with many other sub-tropicals  i have tried, hawkes bay would be different altogether though

  • haha Hi anna, no i have never grown choko, sorry
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Bush Foraging

Lets hear what you guys are eating out of NZ forests? Such as kawakawa, used for a tea in the same way green tea is used.  Or the lovely young pikopiko shoots, eaten like asparagus. And of course the 'weed' most people pull from their gardens puwha whos young leaves make a nice substitute to spinach, or raw in a salad.

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