Chicken not laying and getting fat

We have four chooks, 2 wyandottes, a white leghorn and a geriatric shaver

The two Wyandottes have suddenly(over the last month or so) started to bulk up, one of them had started to lay again prior to this weight gain, but for 6 weeks  or so we haven't had any eggs from the Wyandottes even though their combs are fairly red, 

The Leghorn and Shaver haven't put on any additional weight and the leghorn is laying, (the shaver is probably past it), one of the leghorn is entering her second laying season and the other her third.

Their main food source is layer pellets in a feeder, plus table scraps and any slugs/snails and greenery they can forage in the back yard.

I don't particularly want to put them on a diet as they don't seem to be eating more than the other two although they are more lethargic than the leghorn and shaver

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