A group all about how to keep poultry including chickens, bantams,geese and ducks. Help with problems or questions and to brag about your special feathered friends.
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  • Great Jenny.  He is from Precious Poultry in Thames.  His name is Sparkle!! Can you please contact me on 021 038 9905.  Thanks Janine

  • hi Janine, we're in Swanson and looking for a new rooster as don't want interbreeding.

  • Hi there, we live in West Auckland and have a young rooster that needs rehousing.  He is a heavy breed, speckled Sussex.  Hasn't started crowing yet but am guessing it will any day now.  Please get in touch if you are able to help.  Thanks Janine

  • Hi, just wondering if there is anyone in Hamilton who has a bantam they would like to sell? I am willing to pay $10. We are planning on hatching some eggs and already have one bantam, but want to hatch 1dz eggs and I think that might be too many for 1 bantam. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi there.  I just wanted to advertise that the Auckland Poultry club are having a poultry workshop this month.

    If anyone is interested please message me.  Thanks Maleta

    Below is the event details on our facebook page....


  • We bought goslings, from two different sources, a year ago and now they have divided into two - nest building - pairs and there is one lone goose - does anyone know if we should get her a mate? I looked on Trademe but there weren't any available in Northland.

  • I have a friend who has two Araucana hens that are about 4-5 years old and not laying.  She wants to get more chickens, but lives in surburbia so can't get anymore until she cuts down the number she has.  I'm trying to find a home where they can live out their retirement peacefully - is there anyone who doesn't mind that they don't lay and can offer them a loving home? :-)

  • Hi there, I am minding my son's silkie cockerel. It is lonely and I would like a hen for it. 

  • The fact that it isn't solid and has spikes might deter them from jumping, but four foot doesn't sound very high if it doesn't.  Especially as you've already had trouble and whatever dog did it, knows you have chickens now (unless it got caught?) 

    I have fenced off down the side of my house for my chickens, by adding a solid wood five foot fence across one end, with an existing solid wood fence on the other two sides (one five foot, one six). 

    They have a small hole back into their cage that anything larger then a brown shaver couldn't fit through, though whether they'd run to that for shelter if they were in a panic, I'm not sure.

    Do they have a cage they sleep in?  Could you reinforce that so a dog couldn't get in and they could go to that if threatened? Is there a tree they could go up if needed? Maybe hurricane wire, chain link, or that square mesh fencing would be okay?

    I also have an escape artist dog, and she amazes me with her inventiveness, determination, and ability to fit through small spaces, even though she's big!  Solid works best for her! :-)

    All the best with the project!

  • Hi Rudi, sorry to hear of your loss. It sounds like you've been having ongoing problems :( I have a collie spaniel cross, who we have had troubles keeping in our yard. We've had to raise our fence to six foot high!
    We have also learned that chicken wire is good for keeping chickens in, but not so much for keep predators out, so have supported our chicken fence with what we call sheep wire, it is thicker wire in a grid, not unlike rio that goes in cementing.
    We haven't had dog troubles though, it must be distressing to you.
    Hope your find a solution that brings calm and security
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Chicken lice - Organic solutions

I have been reading up on organic solutions for lice and came across an article that recommends soaking hen for 5 minutes in a solution of salt water, then soak for another 5 minutes in dish washing liquid and water, and repeat in two weeks. The only problem here is that my hens are free range in my backyard (as an organic solution to slugs, etc) and are ex battery hens, so they are not easily picked up without causing stress. They will come around my feet but if I try to pick them up they run.…

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Dealing with a muddy run

The run has recently turned to mud, although its not slushy, But the chooks do seem to be having mucky feet a lot of the time, They do have a shed with a tiled floor to run round in, which i keep filling with lawn clippings, and they are compacting that down, which does clean their feet and keep them a bot warmer. But the run is uncovered and about 9m long by 1.5 - 2 metres wide, they have 24 hour access to the run, (they do also get to free range outside of the run but our newer chickens are…

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Picky Chickies! Introducing new foods to growing birds...

Hi! I am new to keeping chickens, and have 2 10 week old girls. I've put them on pulley grower pellets and tried giving them a few yummy snacks, but they seem to turn up their beaks at anything but chick crumbles! I'm wondering if they need to see another chicken eating things to get it, or if they're having trouble swallowing anything bigger than crumbles - they seem to peck fairly ineffectually at things. They ate a tiny bit of cottage cheese (once they'd pecked the chunks into tiny…

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