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Your thoughts please. I have 9 chooks that free-range around our almost 2-acre plot. I love them wandering about but having gone from 5 chooks to the now 9 the increase in poo is, errrm, noticeable! My two dogs LOVE to eat the chicken poo - should I stop them? I have heard that because the chooks eat just grain/grass/bugs it's okay for dogs to eat it... is this true? It does mean I don't enjoy the doggy kisses as much LOL

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  • Thanks all - I do stop them when they go overboard and get a bit obsessed but, quite frankly, any poo is fair game to our dogs lol (they still won't touch Marmite though, which my hubby finds hilarious!)
  • Maybe it indicates a deficiency in their diet? I'm no expert - every now and then my dogs decide the horse poo makes a tasty meal as well as a nice shampoo! Yuck!
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