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  • might help if I include the link I guess! http://cottagecrafts.co.nz/dnn/MilkMap/tabid/66/Default.aspx

  • Maree, have a look at this link for milk map. I get my lovely Jersey milk from a local farmer here in Marlborough and make them cheese as well as paying them for it.

  • Anyone runny any courses soon? I wanna make Camembert Brie and mozerella then maybe a Gouda after that
  • I began making cheeses on and off a few years ago when you could only get cultures, etc from overseas. it is great now that you can get everything you need in NZ. I went to a cheese making class at the local high school and got started from there. I want to make cheese again but am having trouble sourcing a supply of milk other than the supermarket stuff. I don't need much but it would be nice to have the real thing. If anyone knows of any in the Rangiora area please let me know.

  • Hope it all works out for you.  Cheese is rather temperamental in our climate, I fear.  Don't worry if your results are not always consistent, even factory-made cheeses vary hugely and not every cheddar, for instance, is able to be kept to make 'tasty' or 'vintage'.  Even if it doesn't turn out exactly as it should, I always see it as a way of preserving the Summer glut of milk. :)

  • Thanks Melanie. I have duly rubbed my cheese with the salt solution and moved it to somewhere cooler (and hopefully less humid). The instruction set to leave it on the kitchen bench covered with a mesh cover but I think it may be better off in my larder.

  • Hi Penny,

    That is the recommended way of treating mould.  Your cheesecloth may be a bit fragile for the job, but any clean cloth would work.  The recent humidity here in Northland has been causing all kind of mould problems. I hope you can fix your cheese.

  • I have made my first hard cheese - Wenslydale - using a Mad Millie kit. I am due to wax it on Tuesday but it has started growing mould! Mad Millie says to scrape it off and rub with salt water. I have made a saturated salt solution and guess I will use some cheesecloth dipped in it to rub the cheese. Does that sound right?

  • Photo loaded, using press for ethanol extraction of Sweet Annie Wormwood.  Cutting board base ( no longer available ),  has 2 legs, with rubber feet, positioned over sink, pressed liquid is caught in bowl.

    Intend to make a few more, with stainless steel bases.



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