Ooooby Stall Standards

Ooooby Stall Standards

1. Be professional.  Be on time.  Be courteous.  Dress neatly.  Be prepared.

2. Present with panache.  Pay attention to detail.  A cuisine photographer could turn up any minute.

3. Be transparent.  Clearly state the price, local origin and growing method for all food displayed.

4. Keep accurate records.  Report sales figures and Roooby account balances to Ooooby HQ.


Growers earn Roobys (R) when their product sells from the Ooooby Stall.

R1 = $1 spending power at the stall or $0.50 cash.

When a growers item retails for $1 or R1, the grower is allocated R0.90 and the stall is allocated R0.10.

The growers can redeem $0.50 cash per R1 on request.  

At the close of each month up to 80% of R in the growers account may be converted to cash and paid to the grower. A minimum of 20% of R remains in their account.

This system means that the grower effectively gets between 45% and 90% of the retail value of their items sold.

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