These seem to be a very divisive plant, we either love or hate them.  For the former, I am happy to send cuttings in autumn to a local area group for distribution amongst anyone who wishes to have some.

Be warned, they can be very invasive and are considered weeds down south. However, elderflower cordial is wonderful and elderberry syrup is good for coughs.

Just send me a pm in autumn and I'll send a bundle of cuttings.

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I would appreciate a cutting of an elderberry cuttings, are they still available?

Everyone in Auckland please contact Matt to arrange collection. He has potted up cuttings ready for collection.

Hi - which Matt? I searched the ooooby site and found ten pages of Matts.

all you needed to do was scroll to the next page of this discussion to find Matt's full name and a link to his page :)

"When I do get around to sending them out, will send just one package to Matt Moir for folks in Auckland & another to Jordan in Hamilton."

hello Claudine, have to go out and gather some, Matt was also after some so I'll head off to my foraging spot this weekend.  PM your address to me.

Kia Ora Megan

I would also appreciate some cuttings

My address is 101 Tapapa Rd, RD2 Tirau 3485

Let me know if you need postage

Hi Makuini, Are you married to Jonathan Tai's brother and you live up at the Marae?

I work for Kiwi Lumber where Jonathan worked for about 3 years.

Regards - Daniel Martin, Putaruru

Hi Daniel

Sorry took long to respond.  Yes I do live at marae.  Wayne my husband is Jonathan's brother.  We moved up from Auckland last year to move forward with permaculture and appropriate building technology at the marae.  Hey good to connect.


Hello Ruth, have posted a bundle to you. Have they arrived ok?

Awesome Megan

I've been away.  Yes they have arrived and Im really grateful for your generosity re plants and postage.  Going to put them into the ground today.  


When is the best time to take cuttings?


I have a couple of plants that I'd like to propogate along our fenceline, just don't want to jump the gun and take cuttings before the optimal time...

now is a good time - they usually take very easily, just choose pencil thick stems of previous season's growth. 


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