For those who have something they would like to give away and for those looking for something that might be lying round someones garage. KEEP IT FOOD/GARDEN RELATED PLEASE.It may in some cases incur postage thats up to you. Offers of swaps are ok.
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  • Hi crew, I have a pile of freshly-picked *hot* habanero chillies to give away or swap with a chilli-lover! I live in Papatoetoe, and and work at Middlemore if ppl want to pick up :) (I can also post, but probably won't get to a post shop until next weekend)

  • 'm in urgent need my harvestmaid dehydrator has burnt out on us and we rely heavily on dehydrated foods.I have some preserves still to do. And being a single parent on an invailds benefit my chances of getting one are slim to none at all. If you please see one lying around thatbis unwanted un used and unloved please think of us or even one that we may be. Able enough to scrape the money together to get, we , my boys and I would be so greatful. In hope tony Lucas
  • Grandview Community Garden in Hamilton are looking for watering cans (including some child sized ones), raincoats, gumboots, ear muffs, safety glasses, a hard hat or two, a sink we can set up for washing veg/hands, some water pipes and taps.

    If anyone has some spare they'd like to donate, please contact  Clare 021 0387623 or Tim ph 021 2243109, the WIC Community Garden Mentors - they would love to hear from you!

  • I have river boulders and some native tussock grasses to give away. I am in Otaki

  • Hi Fiona.  It was lovely to meet you and your husband and son on the weekend.  Thanks for taking the topsoil - I am so glad someone has taken some.  And thanks for the honey and plants.  Please feel free to come and get more soil if you want or rocks.  And to anyone else out there - we have loads of volcanic rocks free for removal.  Just message me and I will try to remember to check my ooooby page regularly.

  • Also Jordan, look on Trademe for dehydrator.  There are sometimes cheap ones.

  • Jordan,  i have jalapenos and asian fire chillis.  The jalapenos have gone red and interestingly have no heat in the flesh, only in the seeds.  Happy to trade seeds.  

  • Helen, do you have any Jalapeno chillis or their seeds still? I have several varieties i can trade (seed) if you want :)

  • Just wondering if anyone has an old, working dehydrator with atleast 3 trays that they dont want and wish to give away or sell? I need one, i have over 12kgs in chillis, and i want to dry as many as i can! Got half in the oven as i write this...also got apples and nectarines that i want to turn into apple chips and apple and nectarine leathers.

  • Helen, do you still have soil available, if so please  contact us on 817-6967.

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In need of a mulcher for a day

I have a pile of garden prunings including sticks up to about 2cm in diameter that I'd like to break down for use in the garden. I've looked into second hand electric mulchers but they get mixed reviews. I'm hoping someone out there can lend me either an electric one (so I can see how they handle my pile of sticks and decide whether I want one of my own), or a more heavy duty one (just to get the job done). At the mo I have homebrew beer and kefir grains that I'd be delighted to offer as a…

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