I'm about to start pruning my gooseberry bushes, will have heaps of cuttings if anyone wants some.  They grow best in the south, but I have sent some to my sister in Dargaville and they are growing there ok.  Would love to trade for seeds/ cuttings that will grow in Otago.

Please get in touch...

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Hi There, I would love some gooseberry cuttings. I am not sure what I have to offer I have some boysenberries, raspberries, blackcurrants. I also have horseradish that I just got and have to split some and send to chris. Let me know if anything suits :) shelley

Sorry for the late reply have been on holiday.

Would love to trade for boysenberries, blackcurrants or horseradish if you have any spare.

Not sure how we go about this!  You can email me on edenviewgreer@gmail.com and we can sort something.



hi there, if offer of gooseberries is still avail i would love some, quite happy to pay postage to auckland, thanks paul

Yep they are still there, the snow last week somehow put me off outside jobs for a bit...

How many cuttings would you like?  email me, address above.



I've got a few heirloom apples and plums if you would like some cuttings and a fair range of seed if you would like some.

Sounds great!  With the cuttings, would I plant them or graft them onto something?  I have 4 apple trees all the same and a very bland boring apple they are too I was thinking of trying to graft something else onto them.  Might be fun to try.  Any seeds are a goer, email me and we can sort it out.



Your choice but I would graft them as you will get fruit quicker.  I have a couple of fair-sized plum and apple trees which never really fruit well so I've begun grafting other varieties onto them.



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