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Urban Farmer

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Gardening & yard labour, Gardening advice, to be a gardening buddy, Grafting service, Food from my garden, Tools & Equipment to hire/borrow, Preserving

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Permaculture Experience, Lots of years in the garden

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Buying Local Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Gardening on others Land

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I grow mostly grow heritage vegies, and fruit trees. I save most of my seeds so have a fair range of herb and vegie seeds available to swap or for free if you want some - organic and mostly heritage varieties. I've also got lots of jerusalem artichokes, spearmint and kale and borage seedlings coming up. I've convinced my long suffering partner to let me dig up more of the lawn as I'd gone overboard with planting garlic this year... I've just pickled some radishes and been clearing land for a couple of new box gardens, planted a walnut tree and in the process of planting out some more seedlings. I've bought some eggs for my clucky bantam and have found most of the grafts I tried in spring have taken.Struggling to keep up with the garden - so much to do and so little time!

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  • Hi Todd, I'm really keen to grow some heritage garlic. If you've got some bulbs you would be happy to part with, i would be grateful, and super stoked to grow them down here in Central Otago. Also, as I'm part of the newly formed Manuherikia food forest group, it would be wonderful to introduce the crop to this site as well - so I'm right into sharing the 'seed' too. :)

  • hello Todd, have only just picked up a copy of NZ gardener - was hoping to see photos of your garden or at the very least, some of the different varieties of garlic that you're growing:) How long ago did they interview you?
    I hope that the Ajo Rojo grows ok for me this far south, Creoles tend to prefer warmer climates so the bulbs may be small until they acclimate. Am looking forward to taste testing but will be careful to save the best bulbs for growing on:)
    Shame that they mispelt rocambole with three o's and got autumn equinox confused with winter solstice:(
  • hello Todd, if you have any round zucchini seed to spare, would appreciate a swap and/or reimburse you for p&p. Have sent you a friend request so that we can pm each other's contact details. Many thanks
  • Hey Todd, thanks for the offer of cucumber seeds.  I was after the calvolo nero kale and managed to get some off Kali. Have a good day gardening :O)
  • HI Todd, we had our first meal from the potatoes you sent, the purple ones with the white eyes are particularly yummy , thanks
  • Wow don't those seeds sprout fast?! Wonder if its the breed or due to warmer weather, but they are shooting out!!

    Couple questions for you... The seeds in little cluster, is that corn? The woodland strawberrys and raspberrys look the same to me, cant tell if theres only raspberrys? And how much room do the peas need?

    I've germinated some of each type, now running round trying to sort out where to plant.
    Thanks again!!! Char
  • well it just takes a few people like us to start a revolution.
    I feell sorry for those in the States where they cannot produce from their own back yards now. Apparently its illegal to do so. Youd think they woul be encouraging it if anything but nope the exact opposite.
  • Hi Todd, Yay thank you, received them this morning. The worms seemed to survive, there were two types, normal worms and then little white ones, what are the second type?

    Will the berries grow ok in containers or should I put them outside?

    Thanks again, I'll let you know how they all go!!!
  • Charlotte
    A lot more younger people are as its a matter of havin to to eat.
    My Stepp daughter is commin to me now and wishing she had learned what we tried to teach her to help make it through, shes 21. I got a 17 year old wanting to learn as she would love to grow their own food and alot more young uns are askin questions.
    Its neat as they are the next generation of Oooobyers.
  • Hi Todd,
    Do you use a worm farm or just traditional compost? I'm still undecided if the cost of setting up a worm farm is too much. I havent received your post yet, did you end up sending it or has it gotten lost in mail? :) Ta
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