This is an idea that is operating in the UK.  Quite nicely I might add.

It is a weekly meeting between members which is designed to provide lessons and workshops around food gardening for adults and kids.

The format goes something like this.

Start by going around the circle and everyone gets a chance to say their name, where their garden is and what's going on for them with their garden.

Welcome any new members.

If you have a guest speaker, give them 20 mins.

Someone reads a one page print out (wikipedia pages are great) on a particular food growing topic.

Spend 15mins discussing that topic.  If you wander off topic, that's ok only as long as most people in the discussion are happy to go off topic.

Someone else reads a one pager on a different topic.

Again spend 15 mins discussing that topic.

Project discussions for however long.


Trade food, have cuppas and chat away.

Anyone out there who thinks they could host an Oooobyversity?

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I like this idea and, once my renovations are finished, I'd be happy to host one.

Do we have a map of where Ooobyists are and what the concentrations are?

It seems to me this would also fit well with the Connecting the Dots idea. If we could show people that there are multiple to get involved and several pathways into that involvement, it would possibly make it easier for others to join.


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