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  • Hi, looking for an experienced organic gardener to help me establish a food and herb garden in Ardmore. Small or large scale on 14 acres. Looking to develop it into a business.  Open to any suggestions. Thanks :)

  • ahhh o see it looked very quiet dwn

  • very quiet - getting ready for winter!

  • hey just saw the com griup got funding from the board for water tanks... very cool. i havent been able to get down yet but hopefully soon.hows it been goi g down there?

  • well thère ya go. maybe ill try pop down this weekend

  • Hi Scott, there are heaps of community gardens hidden around Papakura - including the Rosehill Community Garden in Tairere Cres, Papakura. Meets most Saturday mornings @9.30 am. Open to anyone interested and willing to lend a hand with the work. Drop in and see if you are interested. Small and imperfectly formed! Yep, we also have our eye on the land in Alfriston, Clevedon, Drury, Pukekohe, the end of Park Estate Drive in Papakura.....!

  • yay papakura.

    does anyone drive round the alfriston area and see all that land being pretty unproductive? i woud love to get my hanfs on a paddock or two.... or have i mised the boat and there is some hidden community garden that isnt the tongan church one

  • AlsoI am about to do a market on a regular basis, so am happy to sell on behalf...AWESOME
  • hi sue, from 39 what? gimme a call any ol time, come over for a cuppa and we can dig them out of the ground! 3582977 0210667765
  • Hi Anneliese, I'm Sue from No 39. Would love some calendula seedlings for chillis - I've heaps of them - very hot tho.
    Anyone else want chillis?
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