Permaculture Palmerston North swaps


Permaculture Palmerston North swaps

If you're interested in being part of our swaps, get yourself on the text lists.  At the start of the month you get a text to see are you in or not, totally optional, sweet as.  You may also want to help with the organising of these swaps- doesn't take much, but means we can have more & different swaps. All swaps encourage sharing, getting in sync with the seasons, the garden, supporting the non-money economy, recycling, intergenerational transmission of knowledge and of course eating well! 

These swaps are for people in Palmerston North or who can get to Palmerston North for the swap time.  

Chutney/ Jam swap- next one is 5-6pm 15th March, text me, Donna, 0220687280 if you want to be added to the list, we have a core group & welcome new people with yummy recipes!  Bring along labelled 4 jars of preserves, (or multiples of 4) and you get back 4 different ones.  My personal fav from the Feb swap so far is the Mushroom pickle.  We have a few a year, mainly in the peak of the season, to fill up the cupboards. 

Ferment swap- for the culture. Bring your 4 x culture and copy of instructions to keep it alive.  

e.g.Caspian Sea Yoghurt, Mother of Vinegar, Kombucha, Kefir, Rewana, Kimchi, Ginger Beer, Sauer get the gist. That'll be April/ May.  We have small containers if you need them.  

There's talk of a wine swap, :o but we haven't got on to that yet. 

Matariki Seed swap to get ready for spring. Save your locally grown seeds, when we've set the date, time and venue we'll keep you posted. It'll be around June/ July.  

Potato variety swap- bring along 4 (or multiples of 4) named seed potatoes- about the size of a big egg, you get 4 different ones back. Save your seed spuds in preparation.  Swap around August.

Seedling Swap

Around mid November. You know when you get 600 lettuce seeds and there's no way you're gonna eat 600 in a season or even two seasons...well bring them along in 4 punnets, and get 4 different punnets back. Or for the bigger seeds, like kamokamo, just two seedlings.

Cuttings swap- date not set yet

1. Perennial edible, eg, rhubarb, berry canes, asparagus, jerusalem artichokes, rosemary, passionfruit plants, tamarillo, loquat...

2. Perennial- other uses, eg flowers, or useful permaculture plants like lavender, bamboo, flax, companion plants, 

Text me 0220687280 Donna indicating which swaps you're keen to be in.

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