so I have took a few cuttings from my Chilean Guava (Myrtus ugni), did not apply rooting hormone, yet around half of them rooted when just stuck into some potting mix, left outside in the heat of the sun (yet I was diligent to keep them watered).

I plan to take multiple cuttings after they fruit, use rooting hormone, and prepare many plants so that I can use them as an edible hedge when they grow a bit more.  

I was wondering if people have had success with cuttings from blueberry bushes or pomegranate trees?

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  • Pomegranate s grow very readily from seed.

    pretty sure that regards blueberries, it;s a matter of taking cuttings at the right time .  I can't exactly say when that Time is, but from memory its soft to medium hard wood stage of growth.  Soaking for a day or two in willow water first will help, I'm sure.  Andrew Malloy plublished an excellent and affordable  book called Plants for Free.  He was a first class tutor at Carrington Polytech (Unitech ) back in the late eighties/early nineties when the first Certificate/Diploma in Landscape Design course was being established.  I was fortunate to be one of his students.  He also writes regularly for Weekend Gardener, and would be the Go To Guy for any further advise in my opinion.

  • Hi Luke,

    That is great news about the Chilean guava cuttings taking so readily.  I have tried several times to take cuttings from blueberries but so far no luck.  Am going to keep trying though.  Have heard that willow water (leaves from tree soaked in water) is as good as rooting hormone and that honey is also good.  Am going to try them both and see if that makes a difference.   Have not tried pomegranate tree though.

  • Hi there Luke.

    A friend of mine works for a large nursery and they do thousands of blueberries per year,there strike rate is only about 30% and they are using misters in there glass house.

    I grow blueberries plants by laying them but does take a long time though,about 18 months.

  • Thank you, I may well yet try!

  • Hi Luke, I have heard that blueberries are hard to propagate.  Always worth a try though!  Hope you have good success.

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