Does anyone have any scionwood to sell/trade?

I am looking for Seckle or Winter Nelis or other old fashioned pears and a decent old fashioned peach.

I have the following available: Calville Blanc D'Hiver apple, Granny Smith apple, Hawera plum, Prune D'Agen Plum, Coe's Golden Drop Plum (might also have a few others).

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How about a couple of apples (from a 1930's orchard - I think Cox's Orange, and a flattish early red apple), I can probably get Five Crown, and pears and a quince from a friend), a nice seedling white peach, Golden Queen peach, and Billington's Early plum.


Also a simple treatment for fireblight.

Sounds great David. I would be keen to try any of those you've listed as I have a couple of poor-performers I was thinking of removing or grafting onto.

Hi, I have Worden Seckle (is that the same as Seckle?) and Winter Nelis, Taylor's Gold, Packham's Triumph and Stark's Crimson.  I also have Blackboy Peach but it might be too late to take scionwood from that now.  The Taylor's Gold came from Doyenne du Comice and it's supposed to be even better (we shall see!) I only have small thin bits of Taylor's and Winter Nelis as they are new trees just planted.

I would be keen to trade for Calville Blanc D'Hiver and Hawera, and the D'Agen Prune.  (I replied to another discussion re. the D'Agen, just this morning.)

Hi,  I'd love to try the worden seckle, omega, and stark's crimson. I've just purchased a few pear trees so have winter nellis and taylors gold. I'd suggest trying the coe's as the plums are very nice.

Hi, can I rejuvenate this thread by asking if anyone out there has some apple tree scionwood for me?  I have a sick apple tree that I want to drastically prune and graft some new stock onto.  I'm not too sure what variety: something that doesn't need too many chemicals to remain disease-free and preferably sweet tasting.  Unfortunately, I've only just gotten into fruit trees so can't offer to do a swap but will pay for postage.


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