Flu & eating raw

My family would be about 50% raw food eaters,made up of veg and fruit from our own property,the kids who are 11,12&14 have from a very early age eaten lots raw vegetables which i think is the reason why they have never had the flu in there lifes,the oldest boy yesterday was telling me that half his class is away from school because of the flu so he's diffidently been in amongst all gems as would i imagine the two younger girls.

Been hearing for years how that cold houses or over crowding is why people are get the flu but never do they mention that a diet high in raw vegetables which is i strongly believe is why we dont get the flu's like everyone around us do.

Do the rest of you Raw Foodies have any thoughts on this


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  • What a great holistic way of thinking about infection Richard and Tom :) I agree that diet plays a huge roll in immune response. I include raw food in each meal in some form as well as something fermented in each meal. But i also believe that each person is responsible for there own stress (dosent matter what job you have the stress belongs to you, not the job!) Stress takes many good nutrients from the body every day, leaves you feeling run down, tired, moody and likely to get sick. "Dont sweat the small (or big) stuff" and your body'll love you for it :)

    • And even when stress does get in, it can be totally ridden with a good 1 hour or even 20 min Shiatsu or Thai Massage.

  • I think half of flus come from the stress of doing meaningless work and interacting with meaningless people.

    As for their stinking drugs and vaccines where does it stop? This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFhm-RAXPaU will knock any early cold or flu and also manage it really well if it is treated too late. I certainly find 1 knob of ginger+ 1 Beetroot+3 Grapefruit juiced with the skins on and then diluted with high quality water makes a big difference to my immune system and mood. Actually I have technically got a cold from working in the rain recently and  then not taking any rest. It's just 'the cold'  hasn't stopped me doing what I do, I  haven't got a blocked nose, sore throat or cough cause I am using the drops in the video and chewing Plaintain whenever a sore throat or cough appears. If I wasn't doing this, the 'cold' plus the time I do on PC would turn into a flu and hit me for 6. So yeah I agree with you, these flus are catchy only when we allow ourselves to be weakened.

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