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  • Any of you in Christchurch (living there or sometimes visiting there) who are keen on raw food?  If you are then message me.  You could also join our page here - 

  • Koha Healing Sound workshop This Saturday 10 am in Grey Lynn.

    More details here:

    Cheers Tom 021 251 3058

  • Any Auckland people interested in growing wheatgrass together? I have 8 litres of organic seed and organic fertilisers but no ready soil or  trays, so can supply some seed and fertiliser in exchange for soil and trays.

  • Chch raw foodies, or people who will be in Christchurch on Tuesday:

    This awesome event is a fantastic opportunity for us ... 

    ... read the Comments below for more info ... 

  • Also, those of you Raw Foodies in or near Christchurch, or who are sometimes in Chch, you may be interested in this group here on Ooooby:

  • Christchurch Raw Foodies: 

    We have this great event on Tuesday 6 November - only 4 days away !

    Raw food experts Victoria Boutenko & Valya Boutenko, from the USA, are visiting us and giving us a special presentation, and we can have our questions answered by them directly.

    "Green Smoothies for Nourishment & Detoxification" is the main topic.

    It's an event with information that will successfully enable people to by truly healthy, very easily, quickly, affordably, naturally, with natural foods (not products), with tasty food & drink. 

    A rare and great opportunity for us!

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  • Hi Rudi, I have just sold my Hurom. Some people really like the Hurom but I didnt because the pulp chute would clog all the time when juicing fibrous fruits or veges. The manual did say to cut celery into 2cm lengths. I also have an angel juicer which is great so decided to sell the Hurom. I really like the look of the oscar neo's. 

  • Hi, I've been investigating upgrading to a masticating juicer. There are quite a few Hurom slow juicers around which look good, but they all vary slightly in their specs which makes me suspicious. Anyone have any experience?

  • Hi Sophia, the weston price group has many discussions about fermented foods :)

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Flu & eating raw

My family would be about 50% raw food eaters,made up of veg and fruit from our own property,the kids who are 11,12&14 have from a very early age eaten lots raw vegetables which i think is the reason why they have never had the flu in there lifes,the oldest boy yesterday was telling me that half his class is away from school because of the flu so he's diffidently been in amongst all gems as would i imagine the two younger girls. Been hearing for years how that cold houses or over crowding is why…

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Traveling on RAW

How can we maintain a raw diet when we're on the road? It's fine to run an all raw cuisine at home, plucking greens from the garden for a daily dose of green smoothie, soaking 'n sprouting seeds all over our kitchen window sills- but what happens when you have to travel?  Does all this fall by the wayside, and we resort the the 'raw' fish options at the nearby Sushi Bar?  Buying organic salads and preparing them in the hotel room is one option, however I'm keen on community and meeting other…

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Raw Food Recipes

Hi everyone, I am keen on increasing the amount of raw food that I eat. So far, I am making grated salads with combinations of some or one of swede, carrot, beetroot, cauliflower or cabbage. I then pour over a dressing I make. Any food combinations and recipes would be extremely helpful. To make it a little difficult I can only eat the veges I grow as you can rarely buy organic veges or fruit in the small town where I live. Thank you for your attention. Katherine

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