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Traveling on RAW

How can we maintain a raw diet when we're on the road? It's fine to run an all raw cuisine at home, plucking greens from the garden for a daily dose of green smoothie, soaking 'n sprouting seeds all over our kitchen window sills- but what happens whe

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Flu & eating raw

My family would be about 50% raw food eaters,made up of veg and fruit from our own property,the kids who are 11,12&14 have from a very early age eaten lots raw vegetables which i think is the reason why they have never had the flu in there lifes,the

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Raw Food Recipes

Hi everyone, I am keen on increasing the amount of raw food that I eat. So far, I am making grated salads with combinations of some or one of swede, carrot, beetroot, cauliflower or cabbage. I then pour over a dressing I make. Any food combinations a

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