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  • Hello all,

    Just to let you know, the Southland Seed Savers network catalogue is out and we are ready for any seed orders you have.  The catalogue is available here.

    Happy gardening!!

  • just moved into this place and the former owner was a dahlia lover. I can agree they self seed all over the place, been mowing them there were so many.

  • Dahlias will grow from seed without any help. I simply let the dead heads fall, and did nothing else. I have about 6 or 7 seedlings. One of them is absolutely gorgeous. They were self-sown, and will usually flower second year.

    You can save seed from and mature seed heads. Self sown will not germinate until spring is warm enough, so no special care is needed.

  • I would give it a go even without the leaves on, you aren't wasting anything if it does not work. I have had one top sprout a new leaf, though I never got it to survive into a new plant.

  • Hi they cut all the tops off now before they enter the country it is considered a biohazard!

  • Sadly, most of the pineapples arrive imported without the 'tufts' and have already been cut to the level of the top of the pineapple. Once upon a time, they all arrived with the spikes, but sadly rarely any more

  • The leaves are the bit that grows. Ask the shop to keep a pineapple for you with all of the leaves still on.

  • Hi sorry what I mean is they cut down the leaves so there is no green showing at the top of the pineapple,  will it grow back?

  • Sorry, no. Ask the shop for one (or more) of the tops. Question. What do they do with them after they cut them off?


    they don't have any at the moment, but will have some soon

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Development of a possible new red onion

As a seed grower for Koanga for over 20 years one of the many seed lines i grow is the California Red Onion,last season i noticed a very unusual looking mutant plant,the flowers looked so different to all the others ive ever grown over the years. As the season progressed it appeared that bulblets were forming,the only other time i had seen this before is when sometimes bulblets can grow on flowers stems in an among the flowers but nothing like this where there was no flowers at all. I then…

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Seed saver field trip -

Seedsavers are having a garden visit to my garden this Saturday 26 November. The garden is about 1000²m that has many differnet fruit trees, vegetables and herbs as well as a large number of trees, shrubs and flowers to encourage the beneificail insects.  As well there are hens and bees,  the soil was almost all clay, more suitable for pottery than garden, but over the yuears by composting, adding mulch and organic matter, I have develpoed a good soil.  Lately I have started trenching and this…

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Seed saver meeting Auckland Saturday 17 September

Auckland seedsavers are having there seed swap and AGM this Saturday at the Auckland Botanic Gardens Manurewa  9-10 seed cleaning sorting and packing10-12 seed collection and seed swap.  There will be a short talk by Stella Christoffersen who is our curator, and owns Running Brook seeds.Bring any spare seeds, seedlings, cutting material, roots of useful plants for the trading tables and a small plate for morning tea. All welcome Gold coin entry. Futher information Kathrina Muller 09 2671260 or…

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Saving Hybrid Carrot Seed

We have a few problems here saving carrot seed as we are over run with queen anne's lace and it crosses, but there are a few varieties of carrots that I would like to get seed from, and I have decided to try isolating some heads in bags and hand pollinating to get our own seed. Most of the varieties I'm interested in are heirloom, however there is one "F1" hybrid type that looks good called Purple Haze. (Leastways both places here selling it call it hybrid, although there are a few sites other…

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