new seed catalog

I was so stoked to get the seed catalog in the mail, i have ordered already after a few hour perusal :) I like the new format with the guardian and general list together and also singling out the critical ones in most need. I've been telling lots of people about the exchange, I hope you can all cope with the growth in the membership, this forum might help give seed savers confidence so we get more coming back in, Yay!

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  • Well, my seed box is all cleaned out and nicely organised now, I need the seed swap as an incentive to do this each year :)
    People just kept coming in all afternoon, and every time I thought it was safe to leave, something new would be added to the table. I got myself some Bulgarian carrot chili seed - with a name like that, I just have to grow it ;)
    Also some lovage seed, and a few tomato seedlings.
  • as soon as the seeds arrived in the mail I started sowing some, so exciting getting going for the new season.
    How did the seed swap go you guys?
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