Woolly Pockets

We’ve recently admired these verdant vertical gardens that seem to be everywhere—adorning
storefronts, interior spaces, and restaurant patios. A little sleuthing turned
up a popular source used by designers and architects: Woolly Pockets, modular gardening
containers made by a family-owned business based in Los Angeles and Phoenix.
Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable gardening containers that come in two
styles: horizontal or vertical. Handmade in the US from felt made from recycled
plastic bottles, lined Woolly Pockets can be used indoors (they have built-in
moisture protection to keep floors and walls from getting wet); unlined Woolly
Pockets are also available for outdoor gardening when maximum drainage is

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  • Really great pictures that make my mind spin in happy ways! Still I think I am not going to have the extra money that the pockets will entail. Vertical gardening however is such a space saver.

    I have used pots of ascending sizes to make plant towers with. I suggest running a good piece of rebar down the middle of those to keep them from tipping over in the wind!

    I like the idea of recycling contractor bags as I just finished a move and have much plastic bags around to recycle. I am going to be turning some into plarn (plastic bags spun into yarn) to knit or crochet pots for my outdoor garden next summer. I think that they are great fun to make and it leads to good questions. I have also made hemp pots for outdoors as the drainage is great!
    • I've heard of Plarn and I've seen some DIY stuff on fusing plastic bags to make containers too. Great idea for plant containers! I bet it would be fun to try and make plant pot hangers "Macramé style" with plastic bags too. Very interesting!
    • Knit and crochet pots? *laughs* thats sounds amazing Margaret... would love to see photos when you do!
  • Interesting observation on the marketing Sophia! One reason why I left California and many of my female friends have also left. Just too much stress on having the perfect body. I moved many years ago to an island and it's very relaxed. No fancy clothes or make-up and the favorite get-together past-time is eating, strolling private gardens, making music and lawn bowling "Bacchi".

    Here's a cheaper idea on the Woolly Pockets, Building Contractor garbage bags. This is being done "Inter City" to help bring fresh salads to children.

    Note: I don't like the idea of using all that plastic, but, a thought leads to more thoughts and those thoughts have a way to leading to answers and change. Keep your mind open to opportunity, it just might lead to your "retirement"!

  • Interesting about the pocket getting moldy underneath Steve. Here in Washington State (San Juan Islands) USA, those conditions create habitat for moss to grow and once the mosses get going it's not long after that ferns will spore too!
  • They're into sexy marketing, for sure. Love the images and styling. However not as practical to purchase outside of the States- perhaps limited to the 'designer' gardeners out here for the time being, in terms of price. Good point about wet NZ, no we don't have the dry californian climate...
  • Hi, we priced some of these which came to about $70nz for a single pocket by the time you convert and cartage, we did get one of the indoor ones and with the NZ humidity they got mouldy underneath, fine for dry climates and great idea.
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