Homemade Liquid Fertislier

OK Wise Ones, tell me how you do it.


I started some last summer but really didn't know what I was doing and it's still sitting in the rubbish bin (or maybe I just didn't believe it was as easy as my research told me)


I've got a large rubbish bin that I filled with water, placed some chook poop and weeds into a pillow case and popped this into the bin attached to a string so I could pull it up and put more into the pillow case as needed.


So now my question is, those of you that make it, do you just put the weeds etc straight into the bin bypassing the pillow case.


What do you put in?


Do I need to stir it?


Will the water in the bin from last summer be ok?   I haven't stirred it or added anything to it since so I'm wanting to use it or would I be better off tipping this out and starting again.


Thanks heaps

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  • Hi Jo, last year l just put everything into my 40 litre drum but what i found was that when i went to use it in the watering can all the little bits were clogging up the holes and even straining it wasn't helping so now l put it in a permeable bag and l put anything and everything in at times. How is your garden going?
  • Hi Jo,

    I have a small barrel into which I put comfrey leaves, which my garden seems to like, especially tomatoes.
    (I only use this in the morning for tomatoes.) And I have used the bottom of the barrel after a year, which was fine.

    Just be sure to water down the liquid you have made so it looks like the colour of weak tea then use.

    Regards Diane
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