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Ooooby fruit and veggie Box

We're on our 5th ooooby box, and have upped our frequency from fortnightly to weekly. They are that good! 

Annalily van den Broeke mentioned them here in June:

"The OooobyBox (a weekly delivery to your door with locally grown fresh fruit & veges), is

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Is there any Vegans out there willing to help out a new Vegan with recipes and other tips?

Or if anyone knows of any Vegan groups, I'd love to hear of them :)


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Homemade Liquid Fertislier

OK Wise Ones, tell me how you do it.


I started some last summer but really didn't know what I was doing and it's still sitting in the rubbish bin (or maybe I just didn't believe it was as easy as my research told me)


I've got a large rubbish bin

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Next home visit

Hi All, we haven't done a home visit lately. l was wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping seeds as l have quite a few packets that are left from last year and l'm not going to use them all. l've also got a heap of tomato seeds that have

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healing herbs and energy approach

Happy New Year to all OOObys and plants and all the living creatures who make our gardens thrive! My recent discovery for healthy gardens and home space was a book by a geomancer Alanna Moore called "Sensitive Permaculture".You may've heard about her

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The waitakere resource list

This discussion is where we can all add our favorite contacts, for instance where we can get manure for free, where we can get saw dust, fire wood construction timber bamboo and any other useful stuff it need not be free just affordable even, feel fr

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Waitakere New Energy Fare

Hi all, I note our group membership is now at 46. Would be interested if any of these people saw the article in the Sept Titirangi Tatler and found out about Ooooby through this. The next Fare is on September 20 and I am putting a plea out to our gro

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Hi Waitakere Ooooby group I want to get some experience looking after bees (and honey). In Auckland beez things provide two hives for $400 per annum. For that you get 15 kg of honey. If ten of us pool that is $40 for 1.5kg of our own local honey.

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