If you are looking for a space to gardenor if you have extra garden space to share make your request or offer known here.
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  • Hi, it's not totally garden related but I am looking for a wonderful new home for my cat Ralph. He loves gardens...if that makes a difference? :-) Plus I know that many oooobers would be lovely cat owners :-) He is a sweet young'ish adult white & tabby cat, gentle, quite timid, makes good decisions. Healthy, neutered. He gets stressed around young children but would suit a quiet individual or small family. He is also not very car savvy so needs a non busy location. My next door neighbour abandoned him when he was evicted almost a year ago but now I sadly can no longer look after him. He likes to come and hang the washing out with me & play with the pegs. Looking for a safe, stable home environment for him to see him into the future. Feel free to email or text me - 022 04144 55 / sharonlovelock@hotmail.com ralph%20carpet.JPG

  • Chickens gone. Should I delete the post?

  • OFFER: three laying chickens. Pure breed silver-laced and gold-laced Wyandottes. Names: Silver, Gold and Bronze. Free to good home. We're on hols early March so we'd like to pass them on by the first week in March. They like what I call cheese sticks (see photo) strips of colby to boost their calcium and protein levels. I sometimes roll the chees sticks in oyster grit, they're then called grit sticks. 2170551853?profile=RESIZE_480x480

  • Is there anyone in the Glen Eden area interested in working with me to start a community garden near the beginning of the cycle/walkway at Savoy Rd?  I'd like to get this started ASAP.  Please email sarahjamesnz@gmail.com if you're interested.  We're looking at fruit trees and vege gardens and herbs and composting on site. 

    Please let anyone know who you think might be interested.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

  • Does any one have lengths of chicken wire they aren't using? I am looking to build a temporary run for my six chooks. I'm wanting to get them onto an area i want to garden & it's not suitable for chicken tractoring.

  • Does anyone know where I can get bales of spoiled or old hay? wanting it for mulching...

  • BEEEEEE problem...can you advise? I have a plot in the Ranui Community Garden. The plot next to me houses a beehive. Over the last 6 weeks - wet weather or dry, I have been working on my plot when a bee will come up and start aggressively buzzing around my face, eventually driving me out of the garden. Originally we thought it was wasps, then one day my neighbour was there doing some gardening, and she lifted the lid and did something to the hive, next minute a bee started harrassing her, then one came over and did the same to me. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do - its very disheartening to make a trip there to do some gardening only to have to hightail it back home without getting the chance to do what I wanted. My friend was also chased out of the enclosure when he came to help. I love bees but I didn't expect them to be so aggressive. What could it be..keen to find a solution...please email me sharonlovelock@hotmail.com thanks :-)

  • We are regretfully offering our two lovely chooks free to a good home - pick up from Te Atatu Peninsula, details in my blog post

  • Hi Everyone,

    Looking for a group "sustainable titirangi". Anyone know anything about it? In it?

  • I just wanted to let everyone know there is an affordable property (2 bdrm) for sale in Glen Eden at 58A Routley Dr, with friendly, community-minded neighbours.  If you know anyone who is looking for their first home and wants to have a little bit of land to set up a garden, please let them know about it.  The place needs some work, but it's a nice bit of land that would be a lot of fun to set up some edible gardens and fruit trees.  The property is listed at http://www.trademe.co.nz/property/residential/for-sale/auction-4923... .   I have NO financial interest in this property whatsoever- I'm just a neighbour who would love to form a gardening and food-loving community on our street!

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Is there any Vegans out there willing to help out a new Vegan with recipes and other tips? Or if anyone knows of any Vegan groups, I'd love to hear of them :)  

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Ooooby fruit and veggie Box

We're on our 5th ooooby box, and have upped our frequency from fortnightly to weekly. They are that good!  Annalily van den Broeke mentioned them here in June: "The OooobyBox (a weekly delivery to your door with locally grown fresh fruit & veges), is now Out West! So if you are interested, go to our website www.ooooby.org and sign up for you own infusion of feshness... I will personally deliver the boxes... another good reason? Best, Annalily" Nicest of all you can alter the frequency easily,…

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Introducing "Green" an Australorp Layer

We are offering our Australorp chicken as she's surplus to requirements. She's a little over 1 year old, and this is her first laying seoson, laying 6 eggs a week. She's been with three other hens the same age, free-range from 11am to 5pm, and loves wandering jew! $20 to a good home.Call 817 6816Titirangi

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