Trades/Swaps/Wanted kefir grains, raw milk, sourdough starters etc.....

If anybody has surplus kefir grains, sourdough starters, raw milk etc it would be good to put it up on this discussion page. Then it is all in the one place and easy to find for future reference and newbies looking : ) Cheers!!

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I have kefir grains to spare from time to time. I live in Christchurch and am happy to be contacted by Christchurch people who want some grains


I have sourdough starter and spare milk keffir grains at the moment. I'm in Hamilton and would be happy for people to pick up. I also have water keffir grains, assuming that they're still alive...they've been in the fridge for awhile.
I have Water Kefir grains, Kombucha Mother, Kefir grains and sourdough starter. I am in Christchurch and am happy to give out any of these to those in the area who want them!

Hi Kathryn! I am in St Albans so would be happy to meet up and give you some grains - I have SO many!! I also have some Caspian sea yoghurt so can give you some of that too :) 

Would you like a Kombucha mother by any chance?

I do get raw milk from someone down here...but would be interested to hear who you are getting it from - it may be the same person!

You can send me a message if that is easiest or an email -

Hear from you soon! :)

Hi Kathryn, raw milk can be bought at 2.50 per litre at Oxford North Canterbury at the end of High Street, at the beginning of Ashly Gorge Road, one kilometer from the beginning of Oxford, turn right and is on the right opposite sommerset place. That is from the Rangiora side. Great place to visit, especially every Sunday morning market and great coffee and food places, with art and craft shops in abundance. Happy hunting Helena.

I am in papatoetoe. I would love some water kefir grains if you still have some available?

Hi Lisa,

Caroline here again - I'm not very familiar with using ooooby yet so pls forgive me if this is a repeat.

As the S & E Auckland WAPF Chapter Leader I'm wondering if you'd be keen to sell your grains and CSY starter as I have quite a few people enquiring.

Do you get your raw milk, assuming that you use it, from Drury?

Perhaps we could arrange something using the farm as a drop off/pick up place - I know them quite well as I've been sending them heaps of customers for the last 5+ years - unless you are the person supplying them because I heard recently that they might have some to sell - just don't know whose they are  to begin with.

Kind regards,


If anyone is around the Paparimu Valley area (East of Bombay) there is a farm near here which sells raw milk too - beautiful milk from the most contented organic Jersey cows - tastes incredible!

Hi Lisa, I'm in karaka and have been looking for some kefier grains. If you still have some, I'd love to pick up and get started. Thank you, Yuka

I have lots of water kefir grains that could do with a new home. Am on North Shore, Auckland.
Hey there Natalie, I would love some water kefir grains! I have a pretty mean sourdough culture on the grow if you'd like to swap? Or can just pay for postage etc. cher, nick

Hi, do you have any water grains, still?


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