Tell us all what you want or what you have to offer. eg. Lemons, seedlings etc. To respond to someones listing contact them directly via their page by clicking on their name. If you know of any food related events etc please feel free to share.
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  • Just starting out, great to see a group in Whangarei.  Have small garden and 2 chooks only at this stage :)

  • I'm wanting to replace two of my chooks that have died of old age. : (  Anyone have some to sell?

  • Hi Janine. If you still have parsnip seeds available I would love to collect some from you. I live out of town but am happy to collect when it suits you. 

  • Hi Sheryl Kitchen, I have sent you a friend request so I can discuss getting the parsnip seeds to you.

  • I love feijoas!  I have free range eggs to exchange if anyone has excess fruit.

  • Hi Janine if you have spare parsnip seeds I would love them. I have not had a lot of luck with seeds I bought.

  • Hi Janine.

    I have a surplus of parsnip seeds too!

    Had some that sprouted in a gravel path, so thought I would sample the seedlings, and they were delicious.  I am going to try sprouting them and use as salad/garnish.

  • Fresh parsnip seeds available, saved from a spray-free garden, if it's not too late to plant them.  Ours have come up nice and thick, excellent germination!

  • Thanks Maree. Good for you. Pleased to hear that at least one of us is going to be successful.  I am probably a bit late but might still try.

  • Hi Sheryl.

    I have only just seen your post.

    I grow brussels sprouts every year.  I usually get them in too late, and they don't crop like they are supposed to.  However this year I got them in early, and they are about 40cm high now, looking fastastic under the mesh to keep white butterflies and chooks off.  I think it is too late to plant them now if you want a good crop.

    I don't do swedes though.

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