November 10



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Lots of years in the garden

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Learning, Preserving

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Some raised gardens and some large gardens. Tend to really be interested mostly in food production - veges and fruit. Love trying new veges or varieties. Like growing from seed if possible.

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  • welcome to the bokashi group Sheryl. Please share your experience of using bokashi:)
  • We too have grandchildren - 3 and a step. Two are here at the moment - we've been for a swim and will soon be off to take them up to Bryant Home (called something different these days) for a week of camp. It would be cool to catch up when you're down. Our number is 82five798zero.

  • Welcome indeed! We were just talking about you guys the other day when there was a discussion about computers, and learning to use them back in the prehistoric days. I should add that I have only been 'Cally' for the last 8 or 9 years - and for the first 12 years of my life. In between, including when you knew me, I was Carol. Mother of Greg, Steven, Simon & Jeffrey.

    I had lunch with Eileen on Tuesday and she, Jo and Jo's 3 kids are coming out here in a couple of weeks for a visit - Eileen brought the kids out  a while ago and they have been asking to come again - with ducks, chooks, goats and bush with a stream, it's heaven for little kids.

    I'm not visible on Ooooby much - when I want to know something, I usually find it here without asking - someone has usually been here before.

  • Welcome to Ooooby, Sheryl. I hope you enjoy all the tips, info and friendships that can be found here. Happy gardening

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