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Buying Local Food, Bartering Local Food, Learning, Helping Others, WWOOFA Hosting, Seed Savers, Offering Land for Gardeners

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I am a beginner and am just seeing the fruits of my (not very good) labour in my garden. I would love to learn more, to swap food, buy local food and gain more knowledge. I met a wonderful organic gardener before xmas and would really value more info and contacts in my area. I am currently studying Clinical nutrition and am so passionate about locally grown, organic food, helping the environment and our health.

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  • Hi Amanda :)

    have learnt that not everyone is receiving the ooooby gathering messages I've been sending via this website, for some reason... so thought I'd better touch base and see if you are getting them, and if not - if you'd like to be in the loop just give me your email address and will fwd them that way ;)

    just incase you're missing out on any workshops being advertised that you may be interested in, or the regular monthly gatherings that everyone is welcome to come along anytime to.

    normally there are backyard gatherings the 2nd sat of each month between 10am-12noon, and a great way to share produce and swap seeds etc :)

    this month is sustainable backyards month, so we have extra events - we had a stall at the nashi harvest festival at the arty house in tepuna last wkend which was fun :)  and a gathering at the mt community garden yesterday.  next weekend on sun 16th we'll have an ooooby share table as part of the stalls at they sydenham botanic reserve in otumoetai.  and sat the 22nd we'll have an ooooby share table at the envirofest family funday/workshop day at the historic village ;)

    might try some sunday gatherings from april to see how that suits people and that gathering will probably be at Jane Powel's in Papamoa that month, she's the one who often runs the 'make your own probiotics' and cheesemaking workshops.

    hope you are enjoying 2014, and look forward to seeing you if you'd like to come along sometime :)

    - if you would like the gatherings emailed, you can send your email address in a private message, by either clicking 'add as friend' at the top left of my page, or text my mobile 021 064 9814 ;)

  • Hi Amanda :)

    welcome to ooooby :)

    yes you are more than welcome to come along to any of the gatherings, and we've been having extra ones over the summery months, pot luck dinners and suppers which has been yum.

    March is sustainable backyards month and the calender should be on the envirohub (environment centre's) website now, and also in the centre of the weekend sun - fri 1st march,  apparently there are 50 events listed, so that's pretty cool


  • Are you by any chance janie's Amanda?

  • Hi Amanda,

    Welcome to Ooooby.  I notice you have already connected in with your local group. That's great.  Have fun Oooobying!  :-)


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