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My garden is mainly full of beautiful flowers and I love to watch each of them grow and bloom year after year. It's still a work in progress, but each year, more and more parts of it get 'finished' (if a garden is ever finished). I have grown vegetables in between my flowers before - last year I had a great bean teepee that my cat loved to sleep under. This year, my dad has just built me four raised beds. I have planted one of them with strawberries, lettuce, carrots and beetroot. My heritage seeds have just arrived and I'm about to start planting the rest of the veggies for this year. I hope I'll have enough space!

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  • Hi Catherine,

    I just popped some summer pics up on the PKT page. Please feel free to add any more of your own - you should have editing powers now. Merry Christmas,


  • Hi Catherine-I have to confess I haven't started my cucumbers yet. My work life got busier than I like. I am looking foward to getting them going soon. Funny Giorgio-he really is a catnip addict. He'd have a big job chewing it all up here. It grows wild all over the place. My cats nibble it a bit.

  • Thanks Cathrine that sounds good I'm just rite around the corner from ther possably 5 minute walk anyways 830 sounds good do i need to bring anything?besides my self and my coffee. hope to see you there.

  • Hey Cathrine that sounds good Wednes day is normally my off day so ill make a point of comeing by where abouts on Umar cress is it and what time Im at the top of marua rd and ladys mile

  • Hi Catherine

    The dahlia tubers arrived today - SOOOO generous - thank you so much! I will send your plants on Tuesday - let me know if this is not ok - otherwise, look out for them on Wednesday.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Best regards


  • Hi Catherine,

    Glad to see you've joined PKT garden's page. Hope to see you in the garden again soon.


  • Hi Catherine, new friend :)

    I will pack up some geranium seedlings and a piece of stachys (won't be big though as I only have one plant) and will send them in the next couple of days; you should have them the next day.

    Can you leave me your address on my page, or email it to me: myss.janet@gmail.com

    Mailing for me:

     Janet Byers

    PO Box 48

    Waimamaku 0446

    South Hokianga

  • Thanks Catherine, maybe I'll just take a rain check on that. I have nothing required at the moment, but glad to be able to pass seeds on. Enjoy
  • Hi Catherine, the Dirt Doctor is coming to give a workshop in 2 weeks (29th and 30th Oct.  I would like to pay for you to attend. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.  Rosemary
  • Hi Catherine - seeds in the post today ...enjoy
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