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Just moved back to Auckland. Staying in Howick and bringing an old family backyard orchard back into life. Lots of compost and mulch!

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  • Hi Wayne, yes, I've signed up to keep in touch with everyone and also swap a few seeds. Very excited to be getting some things in the post soon! I'm planning on being at the garden tomorrow if you're coming. Hoping for a clear morning...forecast is not looking too flash. I'll pop in anyway - I have some seeds and bulbs for Rosemary. See you soon, Catherine
  • Hi, nice to meet you.

    Do you want to be part of a working bee.

    In my house Sun 22 May 2011 10 30.

    We will do some stuff needed in my garden, and after that, we will arrange where we will go next time. Could be your place, or somebody elses.

    Join Working Bees Auckland


  • Hi Wayne,

    Just joined Oooby via a friend down here. Catch up with ya soon I hope,

    Ka kite Barry

  • Hello Wayne and Ping, Diane Turner from the Yates veggie challeneg here, just to invite you and Ping to comment on the Yates site again as it is still accessible at the moment, Debbie has put a comment on and wondered if anyone else was still out there reading the blogs, I have managed to get a message to Debbie, Moana. Rosie and Sarah the gardener. And by joining oooby both of you!

    If you don't read this before Yates shuts the site down have a great 2011 and good luck with the family orchard. Perhaps there will the scope in the old orchard  for some propagating and grafting, another new skill to learn.


  • Yeah. I know what you mean. It's just that before we did the compulsory picture thing, most people just left the default image there which means it loses a lot of appeal when members are browsing. Atleast now we have some variety. Cheers.
  • Hello Wayne. Welcome. Great to see you here. What is your profile picture? Have fun oooobying!!
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