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I live in a flat in Hastings with a very small backyard and have just started growing veggiesm trail and errar it is I know longer have a car so having to walk till I save up for another

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  • Hello, Dorothy...Thank you for accepting my friend request. It will be interesting to compare our seasons as we're going into winter and you're going into summer! Happy Gardening! Gyda @---}---}------
  • Welcome to the Self Sufficiency group.
  • Oh-convolvulus-a natural spray-I wish! I haven't found anything in the more than 10 years I've been fighting it. I find the best method is dig out the roots and leave them to dry and die in the hot sun. Then attck every new sprout you see. But I haven't ever managed to get rid of it all as we have a lot! I can keep it under control where I'm gardening though. I've tried smothering it, but it doesn't work.
  • Hi Dorothy, glad you like my photos, more to come. Your flowers are beautiful. Hope to meet you at group get togethers.
  • Hi Dorothy.
    Look forward to seeing you at the next Oooobymeet. Love the cat!
  • Hi Dorothy, welcome. Great photos of your garden. Hope you enjoy the Ooooby experience.
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