Eden Park

I can offer

to be a gardening buddy

Food Growing Skill Level


Experience and Qualifications

Permaculture Experience, Lots of years in the garden

I am interested in...

Buying Local Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Swapping Food

Tell us about your garden and what you're growing

guava, feijoa, pawpaw, pepino, loquat, cape gooseberry, Jerusalem artichokes, tamarillo, pomegranate, inga bean tree, avocado, grape, chives, russian tarragon, mint, rauram, bergamot, dill, lemon balm, lots of veges...some of these are still quite young, others are well established.

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  • Hi Denise I do have tomato seedlings left I would be happy to swap
  • Hi Denise. You need a colloidal silver gentrator first. I think these are sold on trademe but there are other places to buy these in nz if you just gogle for it. That is the expensive part but cheap to make once you have the gear.
  • You are such a dear, I can only try and give it a go. No harm in trying ;-)
  • Hi there Denise i know i am 3months behind in replying, ive not been well so had to take time off and get away for a while to recoupe and rest so apologies for that.
    I am now on the mend and will be getting back into the flow of things again....so forgive me if i sound like im out of touch because i have been.

    i would live to be apart of the ooooobyversity or ooooobycrew, when do you all meet, im in oz at the moment but returning next tuesday so hopefully im not to late to meeting you all.
  • Hi Denise

    Yeah I live in a tram on esplanade road. Yeah the prices are a bit vague on the site something we are fixing soon. Sorry Denise the smallest is 5.7 m diameter. But There seems to be a fair bit of interest in smaller domes. Perhaps we may look at making smaller say 3.5 m dia domes dunno.

    The 5.7 = $6595 But we can always talk turkey as they say. I am also currently looking to find commissioned sales people to sell the domes perhaps you might be interested ? Thanks for the welcome Denise
  • Hi Denise, Sorry about the delay in getting back to you regarding the cheese. I'm not really in the market for your offerings but would be more than happy to swap for your local LETS currency. Are you a member of any. Not sure if OOOBY has a currency in it or not. Price would be around 15units per 250gms cheese and cash for postage or courier.
  • Jill headed to SE Asia in '89 after the Taranaki Herald closed (and Tiananmen Square forced an itinerary change) and ended up in London after that. Been there ever since and now doing alternative therapies for clients in the movie industry amongst others. Makes for interesting conversation over a wine :)
    My experience is in BD/organic orcharding (avo, citrus) with a DipHort to keep me honest though presently growing an eco based online business www.HarmLessSolutions.co.nz Flick me a surname that Jill will recognise via our website contact page if you want. Cheers, Tony
  • Hi Denise, Another Naki person of long family links to the area :) We're on Egmont Road but I'm originally from the other end of NP. Bell Block has had a major rearrangement with the recent roading development so now is more of a quiet village than it was. You're right about the family connection and Jill is in London these days, when she's not out on location for a client. Cheers, Tony
  • hello again, sorry about the delayed response...hell of a week. got some quinces for you and found a couple of pheasant breasts in the freezer if you want to have a play around with them. they are kind of small but they would be a good sample and hopefully next week I should be getting a heap of birds if you wanted more. can pop over this weekend sometime if that suits
  • Hi Denise, looks as though you have been really busy since we were last in contact. we seem to have run out of steam with the bees. l would still love to have a hive but after going into it more there seems to be quite a bit of work involved - more than l anticipated and having to go somewhere to check it is more than l can manage at the moment. My garden is now about 3/4 bottled and is looking good. l would love to catch up some time. take care,
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