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  • Sorry I forgot to say that the tyres are good for potatoes. 3 quarter fill 1 tyre put potatoes on cover to fill tyre. When the potatoes shoot through the soil add another tyre and cover the shoots leaving an inch or so sticking out. continue to cover till later in summer when the flowers start comming then leave them to finnish. When the plants die down you can dig up and enjoy. you can have a gentle dig around the bottom tyre as soon as the flowers come, then you can have some early spuds :)

  • hi luv, welcome back :) hope you and the family are well. This time of the year you can plant anything you like!I personaly dont plant brassicas (cauli, broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, kohl rabi) as these vegies prefer the cool temps of autumn so ill plant them about march for eating in winter. I also dont plant them in summer 'coz of the white butterfly (has a small green caterpillar that eats and poos on your plants) But every thing else is fine...sow and plant to your hearts content :) 

  • Hi Janine :) Are you a proud new mummy? I presume that this is not your first...

  • Congratulations,thats wonderful! All the best love my thoughts are with you :)
  • Hi Janine, howd your 'golden nugget' pumpkins go? They sprouted yet?

  • Hi Janine

    If you add me as a friend you can message me and I will send you some seeds if you need any that i have to share.

  • Janine, I have gotten together for you Beans (bush variety), Capsicum (mixed colours), Beetroot, Carrots, Cucumber, Lettuces (mixed), Peas (sugar snap Carouby), Pumpkin (Amish Pie), Radish, Silverbeet (Bright Lights), Tomatoes (beefsteak and a yellow cherry) and Zucchini (green and a gold variety). I will get those in the post to you tomorrow. These will get you started and you can keep seed from each vegetable you grow, or let a lettuce or two 'go to seed' by not picking it and let it shoot up a stem with flowers, which will then turn to seed for you to collect. Happy gardening...and the very best of luck with your new adventure.
  • hello & welcome Janine. Do start up a worm farm and bokashi buckets, they will provide valuable fertiliser and growing mediums for your planting. If you don"t have enough food scraps to feed the worms, you can ask around your local cafes and see if they'll keep their coffee grounds and food for you. Once you get your garden growing, you will also need a compost bin (or two). You will find lots of helpful advice here on ooooby on how to grow and make do on a limited budget :)
  • Hi Jane let me know what you are looking to grow and ill also get some seeds to you my group What to do this month will also be a help to you as it lets you know what garden chores you should do each monyh and what to plant each month in New Zealand. The Griup What to do today is also a good one as people are letting you know whats going on in there gardens and give gardening advice when someone has questions these two groups are a great resource for you
  • Welcome to Ooooby, Janine. I'm glad you have found someone handy to you who will help get you started on your gardening adventure. This is a great place for beginners, with lots of help, advice, tips and support. Congratulations on stepping into the world of grow your own...I'm sure you will find it very satisfying (and even frustrating sometimes lol) to get beautiful fresh (yeah, the freshest and cheapest!) produce onto your plates. Have fun.
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