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  • H Kate, how are you going? has your garden had some rain today?
  • Thanks Kate, sounds great. More anon :-)
  • Hello Kate - may I join the TT BoI food growing group? We live in the Hokianga but are in Kerikeri to shop, visit library etc frequently. I'd like to do plant/produce exchange, though our garden is still in establishment phase. Also interested in possibly participating in the market at some time in the future, as our local monthly market is in jeopardy - something about food/health regulations . . .
  • Hi Kate, anything you like mandevillea is nice! So is clematis! Or maybe be flambouyant and use wisteris. Or you could throw insect attracting seeds like borage, phillesia, marogolds. my favourite is honeywort they give a great display in numbers with an interesting look. left alone to reseed and you will never have to worry about replanting your bank and have plenty of flowers for the house for years to come.
  • Hi Kate, I advise you to through your wandering Dew in to rubbish binns as putting it in the compose will make the situation worst. Wandering dew takes hold were ever it touches, so save your self alot of work and rep it out until its going this will that you several years and don't use star jsmine in its place its just as bad, I rented a garden with both wandering dew and star jasmine once weeded it for 5 years and never got rid of it then. Hope this can help you.
  • I can't really determine if they have benefitted from the rosemary in their nesting beds but I suspect so as there is less feather loss. I put about five large fresh sprigs in each bed and at the same time put two crushed cloves of garlic in their drinking water for two days. The rosemary is still in their beds and when I next clean them I will replace this. We have four laying chooks and purchased three more chooks on Saturday which won't start laying for another six or so weeks. we get three -four eggs most days, except when really hot (we live in Italy) and the chooks are great pets for our daughter. Hope this helps
  • Poppies ARE tricky.I've got some I've started from seed, in punnets, waiting for spring but the tricky thing will be planting them out because I think they don't transplant all that well.I've never had great success with them, except the self sown ones, and iceland poppies seem fairly easy.
  • Yes,we saw the 'birdmen' Crazy all right. It was pouring with rain and so windy my umbrella bent 90degrees.But I still walked around and looked at buildings.Only day we had there so made the most of it.
  • We were in Kaitaia on the 8th. We were in Russel on the 11th when we got the worst of the storm and Paihia camping ground by the sea that night.It was pretty scary in the campervan at night. Ferry crossings were okay tho. I got heritage bulbs and flower seeds from Kemp house and Pompallier House and I'm going to make a heritage flowerbed in my garden.
  • That is great to hear Kate. TT is a fabulous movement and we are in full support of their initiatives. Please feel free to use Ooooby as a resource for your food group in the Bay of Islands. It is a great way to get everyone on the same page.
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