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We've just moved to a new rental property with a decent sized yard and a landlord who WANTS us to do sustainability stuff such as chooks and vegies! We're complete novices with SO much to learn. It's especially scary starting from scratch on someone else's land. We want to have a mostly "edible garden" but are starting from scratch with no design experience!

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  • Hi Karen hows the garden going? Did you carry on with your original plans? or change them as time went by? I am also about to start from scratch, any hints?
  • This is an article that I found rather interesting http://www.greenurbanliving.co.nz/index.php?CID=100058 It is about making a sandwich garden.
  • Welcome Karen enjoy the website its is great.
  • Hi Karen - welcome to Ooooby, Gosh sounds like you have found the perfect landlord!! I too live in Newcastle and rented for many years, hated it, wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING. Now have our own small place, a couple of our neighbours keep chickens, I'm away too much to consider it. Good luck with the new garden and your chooks, I'm sure you'll find all the help you need.
  • Hi Karen, This all looks very interesting.What do i do now?! How is the vegie patch coming along?
  • Hello and welcome Karen. Please browse and have fun.
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