May 30


Glen Eden

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Nothing yet.

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Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Swapping Food, Eating Local Food

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Macadamia nuts, guava, veg. Keeping chickens, building Earth Ovens & Yurts (Gurs)

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  • Thanks for your feedback Matt.

    Gabrielle is on a 12 week contract only and we will review a salary agreement at the close of this contract. As a short contract for someone of Gabrielle's calibre, $100 per hour is a reasonable rate. And I agree that if we're talking about a full time salaried role at this stage of a venture, $104,000 for a 20 hour week would be high.
  • I love your enthusiasm Matt. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

    Thoughts similar to yours have been swirling through my mind for a while. I guess it takes someones attention on building each of these ideas as prototypes.

    In terms of expanding past food as a theme, in time no doubt this will happen. Transport is likely the next area to focus on.

    If you would like to initiate an ooooby project, feel free to pop an outline up on the Crew group as a discussion forum. Then we can start to get things organised.
  • Great. I am working on the how-to manual for the Market stall now and will post the first draft next week some time.
  • Hi Matt. Great to see you have joined the crew. I absolutely hear you with regard to the clearing house. If you can think of ways that you could assist in setting this up, please let me know. We're working on the exchange platform now, and the points system is the next step. There are a thousand little tasks in making it a reality so any ideas or input would be fantastic.
  • Hi Matthew, I have a contact for you for eucalyptus. A lady in South Head Audrey Hay has coppicing eucalyptus around 5 feet high, which should work well. Her phone number is 09 420 4016. Good luck with that.
  • Hey. The Lucinda Place planting has been cancelled. More details on the discussion page.
  • Hey Matt. Glad you will be joining us at Glenburn. I look forward to seeing you this Saturday at your new community orchard. Unfortunately all those lovely plants I mentioned I actually don't have. I am looking for them. So, I probably wont have any for your garden at home but you can help yourself to picking from around the fruit trees. How lucky you are to live right there.
  • Hi Matt. Does Sunday the 23rd work for you? I was afraid this weekend was coming up fast and I still need to tell Glenburn what materials to buy. I hope you can join us. Cheers.
  • Hi Matt. I posted the best dates for me on the Waitakere group page. Have a look and let me know what works best for you. I will be away in September so I hope we can arrange something for August. Thanks so much!
  • thanx Matt
This reply was deleted.