Kapiti Coast


August 12


Raumati Beach

Food Growing Skill Level


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Swapping Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Seed Savers, Eating Local Food

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  • Hi MIchelle,
    I am up to egg #3 from 1 of the caged hens - don't know who yet! Now anxious that 1 of the bantams is actually a rooster!! Not sure when that will become totally clear. Just going by behaviour. Meanwhile the hens are really delighting in discovering their potential as hens! Suga delights in exploring " gardening"with me! And I delight in her company.
  • Great to connect. My 2 former caged hens are already beginning to show signs of loving their new life. They are learning how to scratch, and enjoy exploring the garden and today it was the pleasure of dust baths.! Such fun. I haven't had chooks since I had bantams as a child.
  • Hi Michelle, I live in Otaki and also got 2 bantams from Te Horo 3 weeks ago.
    Am hanging out for the first egg! Was inspired to read you are getting eggs. Think mine are too young yest.
    my Simone certainly looks related to your dark one!
  • Love your herb garden! Oh, and the chookies.
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