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Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Gardening on others Land, Swapping Food

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I am developing a new garden on sand - roughly based on permaculture principles. I have just sewn heaps of seeds in the glasshouse and currently have leeks, beetroot, garlic, cabbage, kale, silver beet, broad beans, salad greens and spinach as well as various herbs growing in garden

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  • Hello Jamie and "Welcome" to the Funk & Flash From Junk & Trash group. Glad to have you!

  • Well today I raeched the garnd total of 1 dozen eggs in two months!! Have a wee drama going on as Sweet Pea very sick - eyes weeping and swollen bits in front of her eye. So off to te vet yesterday and an injection and a significant bill later she was home. Needs her meds syringed into her twice daily and I am off out of the country tomorrow for a week, so took her to a friends and hope she will survive!! very anxious making. I am making a chook tractor as well, so thaht I can move them around the garden when I need to confine them a bit more. Not an issue at the moment so they get to totally free range most afternoons. Enjoying them so much though worrying when one is sick.
  • is that eight eggs a grand total? at the moment im getting 5 eggs daily i dont know which one is not laying but they are very regular we get the odd day where it drops down to 4 but they keep on laying I'm planing to try and swap them for vegetables and things and barter them for goods and things will see how we go will be great fun i like the look of your house very stylish mine is made to be light weight so i can move it every other day so that they don't rut out one patch they had a whale of a time the other day when i moved them over the site of a citrus tree i had moved as they were to close together they ended up digging the whole thing up and rooting out all the bugs and they built a dirt ramp up to their front door.
    i feed mine wheat as a staple food little scraps of pet meat from pak and save which i cook up once a week and i feed them greens daily daily usually a mix of wondering Jew and weeds from the garden but i do go to the fruit shop and get the cabbage greens they are throwing out they strip the older leaves to make the produce look better for sale.
    We went through a sporadic phase of laying and they began to settle down and we got more and more eggs i think your hens cant be far away from laying full time.
  • Hi Jamoe,

    Hope she continues to improve, catch you soon.
  • i like your chickens they have great colours i should take some pictures of mine i like the look of your house could you take some pics of the inside so i can see how you have yours set up i put in a make shift perch when i first got them but maybe i could do more i need some inspiration. i put some left over insulation in there roof space to keep them warm i suppose every little helps
  • Hi Jamie,
    Good to hear Sweet Pea has been enjoying herself! Hope this means she is feeling better. I joined your blog (but I don't think it's registered); thanks for sharing your pics and the stories of the hens.

    Ours are very spoilt and get lots of hugs from my son Thomas (11) who is a bit of a chook whisperer. They are known to come inside occassionaly and watch TV with him.

    There are a part of our family just like all our other animals.

    Would love to hear your gardening stories. Keep up the blog.

  • Hi Jamie,
    just wondering how old Sweet pea is? She looks very healthy in your photo.

    Is she laying? Is her vent looking O.K.? If it's dry there is a good chance she is older than you think.

    Your hens certainly have a lovely garden to free range in!
  • I havent updated my page for a little while i need to take some more photos of my plot and all of my new fruit trees it all looks different now as the photos are a few months old would love to take some pictures of my chooks to put on here as they really are interesting to look at i got four of them from a free cycle trade from a lady on the north shore who wanted to "upgrade" to rare breed chickens they were only 8 months old have just put up a pic of our load of eggs in the fridge will try and take some more soon.
    How many chickens do you have at the moment?
    would love to here more about your chickens I'm only a beginner to this is the first year that i have ever looked after chickens i decided to keep them after being given a whole years supply of grain from 1981 that was stored in dry ice and then had to find something to do with it, i was also given a big guinea pig hutch which i have since extended into a big run at the same time. everything seemed to come together at once i have had some failures along our journey but i love keeping chooks.
  • P.S. My chooks love cat food too.
    I had a turkey years ago who would sneak into the house and raid the cat bowls :-)
  • Hi Jamie,
    It's so nice to hear that your hens are having a lovely new life and of course the eggs are a bonus. My girl is still laying around an egg a day so the kids are enjoying having regular eggs. Bantam eggs are a great kid size.
    Until your bantam starts crowing let's keep our fingers crossed that it is female.
    My araucana bantam is a bit like that but its normal for the breed to be a bit more aggressive and very bossy. She also is a lot taller and slimmer.
    Have agreat weekend and keep warm.
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