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  • Yes garden in early spring, much of it self sown.I am almost computer illiterate ( this is the first thing I have ever joined) would you be interested in swapping an hour of computer help for a mix of veggies for a big minestrone? Or Pumpkin, homemade bread, jam pickles...have horopito leaves in the dryer today..wonderfully spicy if you like hottish food, I'm going to try to grind them for cooking use.
  • Lovely. Thanks.
  • Oh cheers!No seed swapping yet, got lots of donated seedlings & seeds to start with. This will be a thing for next year I suppose. Got inspired to join the network on the weekend at Kotare Trust which was about an exchange of people in Community gardening & other collective food action projects. Pete Russel attended, too. Looking forward to using this resource more in the future. so far we have uploaded our updates & pics on Facebook, But this here is really a lot better, especially for networking.
  • Hey Miles. Thanks for checking out www.ecobob.co.nz and www.greenlist.co.nz

    THe main difference is that Greenlist is in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Network and has a self 'rating' system as well as the ability to attach third party certifications to a listing where they are certified.

    Kind regards

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