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July 23



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Still finding my feet and just started taking the plunge with chooks, we have 5 Brown Shavers of our own and eagerly awaiting our first eggs. Update 19/10/2010, have added 2 Barnevelder laying hens and since their arrival 10 days ago we've had a total of 12 eggs. What I can't feed to the chooks goes in the Bokashi composter. Update 18/11/2010, came home to 7 eggs today, we are in official full production. Just as well we love EGGS!

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  • Hi Mo,

    Have you had any luck getting the water kefir grains?



  • Hi Mo,

    That's very kind. I prefer the taste of the caspian sea yoghurt to the kefir really so that's the one I make. But if you are in Wellington email Deb at http://www.frot.co.nz/nature/foods

    She has some water kefir. I got mine from her. All the best :)

  • Hi Mo, My milk and water grains may not be all that at the moment, they have been abit neglected. I am happy to send some when I am sure they are ok. I actually have never been able to make my milk grains grow not sure what I am doing wrong. Next time I rinse them I will try and remember to keep the wash aside for my girls adn see what they think. thanks shelley
  • Hi not a problem, not too sure if theynwould survive the trip. Can you email me your address. Yvonne
  • I'll send you some of the passionfruit seeds in the autumn, if you like. They apparently strike easily but may need a really warm spot in your garden to do well... I dont think they will like the Wellington winter much!
  • Yep mid winter daily egg count down to 4, strange hole appears in my aviary and 1 budgie and 2 quail go missing and the dog says 'its in the compost bin boss' and wants to dig it out so we went in after it. It had been eluding us for a couple of months of trapping and poison attempts. So happy it is gone. Got 9 eggs the next day and the chooks got to eat all their food themselves. No wonder it was a big b*stard.
  • Yep I am patiently waiting for the flowers to. Not too many or there wont be any berries for cordial and jam in January but my chooks love them and the bees defend the bush hanging over the fence above their hives from the starlings so they like them too. ph 5282711 or txt 0273161588 if you want to visit. cheers.
  • Ho Mo, not sure if you got your Elderberry, Michelle and I are neighbours, I have a couple of potted Elder seedlings if you want one. I think it is berries from Michelles plant the hungry birds are pooping out along my fenceline. We had a great harvest off her bush last season and I combined the berries with our honey for the best cordial ever.
  • Hi there, I will not be around during the day, and out and about later in day, but what time after work? as I could make sure myself or husband is here, always a busy home this end, kids, say no more, hopefully I will see you tomorrow, regards Michelle
  • Hi there, your are very welcome to some cuttings, we can arrange a time in the next couple of days and you can come and help yourself, regards Michelle
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