March 24



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Food Growing Skill Level


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Permaculture Experience, Lots of years in the garden

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Buying Local Food, Selling Local Grown Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, WWOOFA Hosting

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  • Hi Peter, I'm happy to note that there are fellow members in Wanganui. I grew saffron from corms bought from Hawkes Bay. Although they were not supposed to flower in the first year, I had 4 flowers and 12 precious strands of which I have dried and used some for cooking - saffron mash! I had blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and heaps of heirloom tomatoes - these are gone for the year now.
  • Hello!
    You can get buckwheat and miners lettuce seed from Kings Seed in Katikati. Look at the website. Easy to order on-line.
    Hope that helps. .
  • Hi Peter,

    You can grow buckwheat lettuce from the buckwheat that you can purchase from a wholefoods shop and the miners lettuce I got originally from a punet of Weathershield seedlings I brought from Huckleberry Farms Wholefoods here in Auckland but I believe you can mail order them from http://www.ginnysherbs.com/ Happy gardening...
  • I do not have a digital camera, but I'll try to borrow one to send a photo.(this week I hope)
    The idea is that the chickens have a small area, so they thoroughly dig it over, then, (depending on size) it is moved. One theory is that it is good to use an area with the chickens before planting it. Our first one here was built on the frame of an old metal wheel barrow (the holding part had long since rusted through) so a total of maybe 6 square metres. It needs to include an area with cover for sleeping. There is a mixture of fixed wire netting, plus some loose netting that is stretched out and pegged/weighted down. One person can move it. This one has two hens. Another household uses same concept, but they have 4 chickens, and use a roll of wire netting to enclose an area with stakes, or trees (perhaps 12 square metres approx.) and cover the top with loose netting. I hope this gives you the idea. Feel free to ask more questions
  • Thanks Peter.
    The chicken tractors interest me. I'm planning to get some hens soon. Formal herb gardens are lovely but it is more practical to have herbs growing by the kitchen or with the veges ,I think.
  • Hi Peter
    I visited the Quaker settlement about 14 years ago.I remember admiring the herb garden. I thought it was a lovely place.
  • Hi Peter. Great to see you here. Welcome. Have fun oooobying!!
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