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  • Hi,
    I've found a home for the hens...when I didn't hear back from you, I offered them to a friend that mentioned that she was planning on getting chickens.
    Hope you manage to find some others without too much trouble!
  • Hi,
    are you still interested in some hens? My 3 young ones have turned out to be all hens, so I'm wanting to give away my 3 older hens (I think they're about 4yrs). The are brown shavers, x-battery hens. I'm getting 3-4 eggs a day at the moment but not sure who's laying.
  • Hi Rob I will post that on the groups page. S
  • Skiing or climbing? Well maybe we will catch up with you in summer? S
  • Yes, will be awhile. Don't expect to know the sex of the young ones till spring (but not really sure on that).
    Will keep you in mind for when the time comes :)
  • Are you in Hamilton or nearby?
  • Hi Rob. Wow! What an amazing spot,complete with well fed Kereru! You lucky thing. Green with envy. What have you planted over Easter?
  • Hi Rob. Impressive photo! Wanted to let you know about the North Shore group, you'll find it in the list of groups, if you are interested in joining. We are only small, so would be excellent to get more Oooobsters on the Shore!
  • Hey Rob. Welcome. Funky page. Thanks for joining. Have fun oooobying!!

    I'm not getting a chance to welcome everyone anymore, so if you see anyone who hasn't been welcomed, please feel free to say howdy.
This reply was deleted.