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Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Eating Local Food

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Loganberries, boysenberries, kale, nettle, cape gooseberry, pepino, comfrey, lemongrass

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  • Hi

    Would you come to Auckland for a working bee?

  • Hi Sarah, yes, she is.
  • Hi Sarah, yes it is. We don't heat our products (honey and pollen) any higher than would naturally occur in the beehive.
  • Hey, what made you think i was leaving Hamilton?? A catch up would be great :) I'm usually home in the afternoons (except Thursdays) so if you've got a day that suits, we'd love to see you.
  • Hey there! Would love to catch up and chat cheese, kefir, chooks, the good life! Making cheese now and majorly into the garden and the chooks...wasnt sure if you had left Hamilton! Text me with ties hat work for you, Im not workin much at the moment.
  • Hi Sarah
    Love the photos of your garden. How is the mandela garden looking? My garden is full of weeds but somewhere among them I'm growing tomatoes, lettuces, capsicums - all the summer veg :-)
    Cheers, Keri
  • Hey there, Could you give Sonya my Susan Weed book or drop it off to me sometime? Thanks
  • Hi Sarah, thanks for the milk info. I'll definitely give it a try. If it works for my yoghurt and cheese making I'd be keen to join a car pool if the group is open to new-comers. I met up with Jess the other day and she said she knows you- what a small city we live in! kim
  • Hi yes still interested! Sorry I havent txt'd been busy with tech restarting etc. Will txt tomorrow :)
  • That sounds good :) Keep me updated.
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