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I am trialing all sorts of vegetables all the time in 4 raised beds & 3 in the paddock. I'm loving growing vegg from seed & experimenting with mulches.

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  • oh JAne what a bummer, my chooks are prisoners because you can never cure them of such darstardly behaviour. :(

  • HI Jane, youre having fun lol did you get any of the blue scabiosa coming up?  a rat got into my seedlings and chewed those off, only one plant left! here's hoping that between us we can save some more seed for next year, I love blue flowers. my seedlings are coming on very slowly, had lots of cool weather
  • hello Jane Maarie, my black boy peach stones have germinated.  How are yours coming along? Had mine in a clear yoghurt tub & could see the shoots down the side of the pot! It's going to be a while before any leaves emerge but great to know that they've taken.
  • hello Jane, the grass clippings should be fine as a mulch, I put a really thick layer of pea straw over my garlic straight after it was planted and the shoots came through without any trouble. You can never plant too much garlic, I put in over 100 cloves last year and still don't think that it was enough, it doesn't go very far once you've shared a few bulbs and I love to roast them whole. The weather's been so mild, still planting garlic down here. Last year, had it all planted in early May. Not so organised this year :)
  • Hi Jane, glad to hear you are hard out gardening as usual!!  I dont actually mulch the garlic -  I just leave them be and occasionally give them a bit of a weeding.  I  havent been in garden much lately as I am doing a temporary Principals job at Ruawai Primary and travelling everyday. And busy again this weekend.  Nevermind soon be spring!
  • Hi Jane - wonderful...though it seems it's faster to post south than to post north! LOL I got yours the next day! Been cold and wet here today - certainly not gardening weather.
  • Hi Jane...your harvest and preserving photos look fantastic! Hey, surf the net for ways to make your own worm farm...it can be done very cheaply. I will be making one next year when I move towns. Where did you get the seed for your black corn? And what are your black potatoes called? They look great! I have tons of spare seed from a Amish Pie pumpkin (the one in my photo) if you would like any, just let me know.
  • Hi Jane...thanks for the kind words. Yes, I think we all can do with a bit of motivation from time to time and if that's what I have helped with, I'm glad. My main garden, which is raised, doesn't require a lot of weeding, so I only have to spend half an hour every 3 or 4 weeks just tidying up...it's great! Hey, I love your photos! Black spuds, kumara - I've never grown either, and would love to! Please Lord, when I move towns next year, may I have some land? :) I LOVE herb gardening, growing, propagating, drying and using. I'm happy to share any time, just yell when you're ready. I use herbs both for culinary and medicinal purposes. I have a little grounding in rongoa, but would love to learn more as I'm also a great believer in each country supplies it's own unique medicines and nutritions. Today, it is sunny and warm...I'm painting! I know you will relate to that! lol
  • my 10 year old son Azi made the cinnamon pinwheels, we had them for dessert tonight :)
  • sure,  that would be nice to have an heirloom recipe :) One of my sons made rewena bread once for school, leaving potato and flour to go sour and using that as a leven, it tasted nice. Fennel bulbs are nice sliced finely  in a salad with orange, its crunchy and has a nice flavour
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