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September 16



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  • note that I said when I remember:) Joe here on ooooby swears by his cider vinegar in the morning - he reckons it has helped him to ward off colds in winter so can't be a bad thing!
  • I've used up one of the big bottles already, we've made salad dressings with it and when I remember, been drinking a tablespoon in hot water in the morning or before dinner, can't say it's helping to suppress my appetite though:)
  • hello Cally have you considered making apple cider vinegar with some of your apples, it is surprising easy, Ngaire posted her recipe/method in the group Preserving your surplus and I tried it last year for the first time. I just used all the peels and cores but if you have plenty of apples you could use all the little ones that, are too fiddly to peel and just liquidise the lot. It was really simple and well worth the effort:)
  • Have added your number to my mobile so will have it with me when I finally make it to Hamilton. Have seen enough of the car for a while after all the kms we did on holiday. We have to go to Papakura for Odin's 1st birthday party and that will hopefully be the extent of my travel for a little while. Demitris is due to have operation on his leg soon so will probably be back down in Papakura then but not sure when that will be. Grandkids are definitely the fun part of having kids.

  • Nice to hear from you. We have been away on holiday for 2 weeks with the whole family (13 of us) travelling around the South Island. We have 2 grandsons - 1 ten years old and 1 turning 1 at the end of this month. The 10 year old was a breeze to travel with. The almost 1 not so much. I came home to weeds to knee high and a messy garden so am trying to get that under control. It would be nice to catch up in person. Maybe next time I am visiting Jess in Hamilton I might be able to give you a ring.

  • Welcome to the Self Sufficiency group. Feel free to start some discussions!
  • Thanks:-) It was surprisingly hard to find a pic without a child in front of my face but we got there. Like your bee suit.
  • Nice to see you too. Glad to see you joined the Raglan group. 3 of us now!!
  • Well done on the bees Cally - I am so pleased you have finaly got a swarm - if you are home on Wed arvo I could come out for a coffee and guided tour !!
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