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April 12



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I am an aquaponics evangelist, educator, blogger, etc. My food gardens are now all run off fish waste.

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  • Hi Sylvia

    Do you live in Auckland?

    Do you have fish at home?

    Ok, I am trying to find the instructions.

    By the way, what about regulations in Auckland, what about lobying the council to make sure they will not mess up with us?

  • Oh and yes, videos are a wonderful idea. Photos are great to. No problems with relevant links. Have fun. ;-)
  • I would be fine with that Sylvia. Thank you for asking. Would you be happy for Ooooby to have a group on your site?
  • Hi Sylvia. Thanks for setting that group up. I have blogged and broadcast it so let's see how it goes.
  • Glad to be of any assistance. Feel free to create an aquaponics group here on Ooooby. I'm sure there would be plenty of oooobsters who find it interesting. I'll feature it to the front page for a while too.
  • Hello Sylvia. Welcome. I think I recognise you as the woman in the aquaponics video I posted here on Ooooby. What a delight to have you with us. Let me know if there is anything we can do to assist you in finding other local food growers near you. Have fun oooobying!!
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