Hi everyone!

I am a student with little money and I have found that commercial fertilisers and soil mixes are very expensive. I live in an area with heavy clay soils, so conditioning it is a must! Does anyone have any advice about a cheap and simple method of creating fertiliser? I have tried my compost, but my plants seem to die in it. :(  Will appreciate any advice!


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perhaps you could make your own liquid fertiliser, next time you are at the beach collect up some seaweed and put it in a large container or bucket with water.  also can use comfrey, very stinky but plants thrive big time!

That's a great idea! Will do that next time I'm at the beach. Thanks :)



Describe your compost setup. Jam a metal rod into it at about halfway point,  does it get hot?


It's slightly warm...compost should be hot shouldn't it? Thank you for your reply by the way!
Does anyone know of a farm in West Auckland that gives away manure?
If you haven't already, start a worm farm and some bokashi buckets. Bury your processed food waste from your bokashi bucket in the soil and it will definitely improve your clay soil and both will also provide you with liquid fertiliser.



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