being fairly new to both the new zealand climate and also the groth paterns of figs how do i know when to start picking

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I don't pick them till I can eat them and enjoy their soft sweet deliciousness.

This could be why a lot of people net their trees, so the birds don't get them first. I can't imagine picking them sooner and hoping they will ripen, but maybe other people have a different experience.
The wax eye birds love our figs, once they're eating them I know we should be too. Ours aren't ready yet but I'm down in Hawke's bay and the seasons probably run slightly differently.

farmini fig tree

We have two fig trees, one does better than the other. They fruit twice a year are I have to prune them heaps each winter or they would become enormous.

farmini figs

They need to be quite soft,and often go a bit brown in places.When ripe you will find they just fall into your hand when you touch them.If they still bleed the white milky sap they are not fully ripe and you will find the texture just yuck.. and also without much flavour. But watch out for the birds, they often notice they are ripe before we do, and they are so quick!
from what i understand, most varieties of figs will not ripen off the tree, and for those that do it is pretty minimal.
have been keeping an eye on the figs and an eye on the birds. they must bee quicker than i am . am loving tanias mini net thing but not sure the wife will think the same



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