Hi all,

From those of you who have roosters - just how noisy *are* they?

I've heard varying reports, and am guessing we'll need to replace at least some of our chooks soon, so a rooster is one option. 

Our chook shed is about 20m away from our bedroom, but we live on 3 acres, so a separate rooster shed is a possibility, if it is worth it.

Just curious, and checking my options at this stage.



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Me again :) I've heard that it is very much dependant on the rooster ... just like our laughs are all different. We tried our luck with a cockerel when we first got our bantams but he soon headed back to his old home - he was very proud of his voicebox and let us know it, all day. Not ideal, though he was lovely. On the other hand, a friend's rooster is an enormous bird and he crows once in the morning and that's it for the day. If you're the easy-going type, your neighbours wouldn't be bothered and there aren't any restrictions where you are, I'm sure you'd soon get used to the crowing and he'd help keep the sheila's in line too (with the added bonus off wee chicks!) :)
Well, I timed my previous rooster for an hour one day and he crowed pretty much every 3 minutes on average for that hour.
That's in the morning though, I don't hear much out of them in the afternoon unless a cat is staring at him or something. I have a spare if you want one ;)
previous rooster?? where is he now (or shouldn't I ask :) )
He went to live on a farm. Now one of his sons is looking after the hens, and I need to find a home for the other, as when you have two they like to sing duets ;)
Can't eat him, he's a pet who likes to follow me around and digs up potatoes for me.



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