Everyone keeps asking about where they can get locally produced organic layer mash in Auckland, therefore I have made it my personal mission to source some. I am excited to say I been successful. The feed is specially formulated by Frenz eggs for the free ranging and backyard flock. It contains a great mix of protein fibers and fats, and has been used by them for quite some time now with great success.

Please try some out and let me know what you think, available either through the Ooooby stall at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market on a Sunday or through www.chickensathome.co.nz

I also just worked out the stats on it and costs about $1.70 per week per bird, which means that your eggs end up costing you around $2 for a half dozen which is over a third less than the supermarket for organic free range!!! Plus your eggs are fresher and you know exactly where they came from.

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Hi all.
Yep have been using the layer pellets and the girls love em and they are a bit cheaper if you want to buy direct through New Zealand Biograins. Here's the link http://www.theshop.co.nz/shopn/SP/463303335.6462/pv=BIOGR,pg=10317,... They will send it direct to your door from Ashburton for a very small fee with an invoice.
Hi there,

Actually no the one I was meaning is not the NZ Bio Grains feed, we use to buy that one but have now traded up for this locally produced one that is slightly better quality I think, it comes from Auckland (where we are) not the south Island. I like the NZ Bio grains one, but better to get local I think, also freight a bit costly, this one can pick up from Grey Lynn.

The Bio grains food was freight free and I think you will find your food is not all sourced from Auckland but from all over and maybe made there. Biograins is cheaper and a wonderful mix.


Layer Pellets - Bio Gro Certified
Layer pellets use fishmeal for a higher protein level.
Contains wheat, barley, peas/beans/lupins, broll, lime, fishmeal and linseed.
10kg and 25 kg bags. bulk prices available on request

This product uses ingredients grown on farms or from suppliers certified by the N.Z. Biological Producers Council or equivalent overseas organisations.
Bio gro certified to Domestic standards
Hi All,

Buying through NZ bio grains was about $21 in just freight from my record for 25 kgs. This Frenz feed is most definitely certified organic, which I agree is absolutely important, and ALL ingredients are sourced solely from the north Island, feed is put together in Auckland.

This product also uses ingredients grown on farms or from suppliers certified by the N.Z. Biological Producers Council or equivalent overseas organisations.
Bio gro certified to Domestic standards.

I still think the NZ bio grains one is good just more expensive and less friendly on the environment hen you like in Auckland like me
Sorry Susie but Biogrow is not more expensive and I was not charged any frieight at all so it is cheaper than the feed promoted by yourself on your website.
Have a look at www.biograins.co.nz $11.80 per 25kg bag is the only price quote for postage on their site which is nowhere near the $21 you have quoted. I realise you are trying to promote your food but you shouldn't be telling fibs about others products to do it.
Hi folks,
Biograins charge $11.80 for freight so for a 25kg bag depending on mash or pellets you are looking at $42.17 or $44.14.
Given Frenz sell their eggs as organic and free range in the supermarket and there have been so many investigations into so called 'free range' eggs and they have not been identified as dodgy, I think we can rest assure they are legit.
Anyway, my hens were not very fussed on Biograins but they gobbled up the Frenz - although it costs a little more.
PS: I couldn't find chicken feed on Cicada so not sure if that is a reference to organic in general or specifically chicken feed. Can you clarify Angila.
Also. Buyer beware your food if you want organic should be Bio Grow certified. If it is not it is not organic.

These sort of comments make me laugh. Suppliers who are not 'certified' organic, may still be organic - they just haven't paid for, or gone through the inspections, the certification.  Think farmers markets, road side stalls etc etc. All organic but to those scaremongers - not 'certified' to catch those naughty dodgy folk who try jump on the bandwagon.  

I think the trick is, take the time to source local healthy looking food. Get to know your grower, know where your food comes from and make your food choices. Can be an interesting weekend activity :)

Hey i get my organic products from wise cicada, new market, Auckland. They are best and always serve me fresh and healthy products.
Can't buy chicken food at wise cicada

Hi Anyone know of an organic chook food supplier in Hamilton (or elsewhere in the Waikato)?




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